In Observance of National Meatout Day

Today was National Meatout Day, and our own misguided and moronic Governor, Jennifer Granholm, signed a state proclamation declaring March 20 “Meatless Day” in Michigan (meat companies in the state were flourishing more than other businesses lib politicians have ruined, so Granholm decided to try and level the playing field).

So, since it was National Meatout Day, we got the meat out even though the snow was falling on the first day of spring here at the family compound in Powerbunkport:


It wasn’t a huge feast, but we wanted to do our part.

One of the reasons meat is being discouraged is because Al Gore says that raising livestock, as well as its preparation, contributes to global warming. This of course somehow makes it snow more — a fact is confirmed by the view from the grill:


The science is settled.

Next year on National Meatout Day I’m going to cook four steaks and eight burgers and see if I can make it snow twice as much as it did this year.

Author: Doug Powers

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