How Will Obama Get Even With House Dems Who Voted No on Obamacare? He’ll Campaign For Them

Fox News reporter Major Garrett is at Robert Gibbs’ press conference, and Garrett just put this on Twitter — clearly Obama has a plan to get back at Dems who dared vote against the health care sham:

Gibbs said Obama will campaign for House Ds who voted “No.”

A few days ago, it was reported that Obama wouldn’t campaign for anybody who voted no, but clearly the White House figures that driving a stake through the hearts of the re-election hopes of anti-Obamacare Dems is a better way to get even.

Obama’s campaign record since his election speaks for itself. This is nothing short of a very nasty threat to the list of House Democrats who dared consider that voters in their districts didn’t want this hunk of unconstitutional socialism turned into law.

If the Democrats are to have any hope of holding control of Congress after November, Obama had better forget about Democrats and start campaigning for Republicans.

Author: Doug Powers

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