Patrick Kennedy: Abortion Not About Morality

I think Patrick Kennedy’s father used “It wasn’t a question of morality but rather a matter of public health” as the reason he didn’t risk a nasty head cold by jumping in the chilly water to save Mary Jo Kopechne, so we’ll forgive Pat for being born without a needle on his moral compass.

Patrick’s family in general wasn’t exactly beacons of morality when he was growing up, so there are certain lessons he was obviously never taught, but even still, this is a stretch:

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), a professed Roman Catholic, told Wednesday that federal funding of health plans that cover elective abortions is “not a question of morality” but “a matter of health — public health.”

“Obviously there’s going to be some legal decisions that are going to be coming forward, I’m sure, that are going to adjudicate this,” Kennedy said at the Capitol. “But obviously, we’ve got to protect women’s health. Half of our population are women, and — this is a matter of public health.

He added: “It’s not a question of morality or anything; it’s a matter of health — public health. Our mothers, our sisters, our spouses, I mean, this is a simple issue. It’s not making any judgment on people. It’s just a matter of providing — making sure that they’re safe. And there’s only one way to make sure they’re safe, and that’s making sure that it’s legal.”

That’s what I’m all about, too — making sure they’re safe. The “they” being the unborn. But Patrick’s not considering them in his equation. After all, one of those kids might grow up and construct a wind farm and obstruct the view from the Kennedy compound, and we can’t have that.

Remember, this is coming from a man who claims to be a Roman Catholic (Roman Catholics deny the claim, by the way). Imagine what his view of morality would be if he wasn’t so God-fearing!

I’m reminded of the old t-shirt: “If abortions are outlawed, only outlaws will be allowed to be a Kennedy mistress.”

Author: Doug Powers

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