Anti-Capitalist Capitalist Michael Moore Thinks Obamacare Bill Still Too Capitalist

Millionaire anti-capitalist hypocrite Michael Moore has castigated Obamacare as “a victory for capitalism”:

Well, I mean, to me, it all comes back to this issue of an economic system that is truly evil. And the healthcare bill that was passed ultimately will be seen as a victory for capitalism, because it protected the capitalist model of providing healthcare for people. In other words, we’re not to help people unless there’s money to be made from it. That is so patently disgusting and immoral, but that’s the system. That’s where we live.

But Michael, you’ve praised Cuba’s health care system, and Fidel Castro recently applauded Obamacare. What gives?

We only help people if there’s money to be made from it? Good luck getting people to go to medical school with the promise of little to no pay awaiting them on the other side. And convincing people to spend years researching treatment drugs in return for nothing but peace-of-mind would be a real easy sell, as would expecting anybody to make state-of-the-art body scanners when it’s illegal for them to do anything more than break even on what they put into it.

Countries where people don’t capitalize on health care don’t have health care. Maybe Michael’s doctor works for free though. Seriously, if we can’t get a Marxist/Capitalist film-maker to not capitalize on his work, how are we to expect people who devoted a good portion of their lives to getting any variety of medical training to do the same?

Bangladesh doesn’t have any evil private health insurance or pharmaceutical companies profitting wildly from that country’s health care system — or lack thereof — but that doesn’t mean that the lack of capitalism has led to better health care.

I can’t believe Moore still allows himself to live in such a horrid country. But we’re headed in a direction he likes though. You’ll know when the U.S. has gotten everything just the way Michael Moore wants it, because that’s when he’ll move somewhere else.

Author: Doug Powers

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