World Gets to See Obama Try to Throw a Baseball Again


The annual presidential tradition will continue this year — except this time it may involve mom jeans and a teleprompter:

President Obama will throw the ceremonial first pitch on opening day at the Washington Nationals’ game vs. last year’s National League champions, the Philadelphia Phillies, on Monday.

The visit marks the first time the president, a Chicago White Sox fan, will attend a game at Nationals Park. The visit also marks the 100th year anniversary of the first time a US president threw an opening day pitch.

Hopefully the president has been practicing since last year’s All-Star game.

If you’ve never seen Obama pitch, he throws a wicked 58-foot changeup, and his pitching style differs a little bit from predecessor, George W. Bush.

Here’s Bush above a good pitching-style comparison:


And here’s Obama alongside a good pitching-style comparison:


Author: Doug Powers

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