Al Franken Has Graduated From the ‘Nathan Thurm School of Answer Avoidance’

Jason Mattera approached Senator Al Franken and asked him about a several billion dollar provision in the Obamacare bill that covers playground equipment. Franken asked Mattera to produce that passage in the bill, and Mattera did. Hilarity ensues as Franken suddenly turns into Nathan Thurm, a character ironically performed by one of Franken’s fellow former SNL performers, Martin Short.

Franken: I’ll answer your question if you stop talking!

Mattera: Okay, go ahead…

::brief silence::

Franken: Look, if you won’t stop talking I’m not going to answer you.

Mattera: I did stop talking! Okay, go ahead and answer.

::brief silence::

Franken: There you go again interrupting me! I’m outta here!

That’s not verbatim, but pretty close:

As Mattera notes, we all know that Franken’s a jerk to Republicans, but now we know he’s even a jerk to his own staff. This also shows that Franken has no idea what’s in the bill he voted to pass, not that it’s a surprise to anybody.

Franken learned well from Master Thurm, who wields the same skills from the polar opposite side of the political spectrum. From about the 1:40 mark to the end you’ll really see what I’m talking about:

(h/t Treacher)

Author: Doug Powers

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