There’s a story at the Daily Caller which focuses on GOP Chairman Michael Steele once mentioning the possibility of using party funds to buy a private jet for his travel. Read on in the story though and you’ll find a real gem about Steele’s travel expenses: Once on the ground, FEC filings suggest, Steele travels […]

The good news is that the case seems to be falling apart — the bad news is that this is happening in the first place: Cracks are beginning to appear in the military’s prosecution of three Navy SEALs accused of striking a most-wanted terrorism suspect they had captured in Iraq. Maj. Gen. Charles Cleveland last […]

Millionaire anti-capitalist hypocrite Michael Moore has castigated Obamacare as “a victory for capitalism”: Well, I mean, to me, it all comes back to this issue of an economic system that is truly evil. And the healthcare bill that was passed ultimately will be seen as a victory for capitalism, because it protected the capitalist model […]

This is the Sarah Palin everybody knew was there during the 2008 campaign, but who the McCain campaign tried to keep harnessed. Now McCain can do nothing but nod and appreciate the endorsement from the woman his campaign tried to keep partly muzzled. It’s funny how the current public sentiment toward entrenched politicians can make […]

I’m still filling in a bit for Michelle Malkin today along with La Shawn Barber and Val Prieto, but here’s a little something to lighten the mood heading into a weekend. I did something similar to this on St. Patrick’s Day:

I think Patrick Kennedy’s father used “It wasn’t a question of morality but rather a matter of public health” as the reason he didn’t risk a nasty head cold by jumping in the chilly water to save Mary Jo Kopechne, so we’ll forgive Pat for being born without a needle on his moral compass. Patrick’s […]

Via HotAir, here’s President Obama speaking to employees at Caterpillar and reminding everyone that they can measure America’s bottom line by looking at Caterpillar’s bottom line: Okay, so let’s do what Obama says and look at Caterpillar’s bottom line these days: Caterpillar Inc. said Wednesday it will take a $100 million charge to earnings this […]

President Obama is in Iowa today continuing to sell us on something the Democrats have already forced us to buy, and the more he talks, the more people don’t want it: A CBS News poll released Wednesday finds that nearly two in three Americans want Republicans in Congress to continue to challenge parts of the […]

Wasn’t the entire stated point of Obamacare from the git-go that it was “for the children,” and was desperately needed to stop evil insurance companies from denying coverage to kids with preexisting conditions? This kind of thing “slipping through the cracks” is proof-positive (as if we needed more proof) that this bill was designed with […]

Still filling in a little for Michelle Malkin, but I ran across this hunk of video of Bush and Clinton in Haiti that provides an opportunity to play “You Make the Call.” Did Bush wipe his hand on Clinton’s shirt on purpose after shaking somebody’s hand, or is he just kind of patting him on […]

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