I’m still filling in a bit for Michelle Malkin today, along with La Shawn Barber, so stop by if you get a chance. Until I’m back at full strength on my blog, here’s something to consider for any of you motorcycle enthusiasts out there. Click the pic for the whole, somewhat macabre, story:

Want to know what happens when Berkeley professors and their students participate in the design and launch of a balloon intended to study gamma rays in space from 25 miles above the earth? If there’s a better metaphor for the “drawing board vs. reality” aspect of Berkeley politics, I have yet to see it: Full […]

I’m blogging a bit today for Michelle Malkin. Check her site for new posts. I’ll pop stuff up here on and off today if possible. Is it the weekend yet?

Wow, that was fast. Opponents of the law are pointing to this as evidence of how awful the law is, and proponents are pointing to this as evidence that the law will do what it was intended to do, which is get illegals out of the state: Arizona’s sweeping immigration bill allows police to arrest […]

Alright, the real name of the magazine is Capitol File, but still, I hope Nancy’s plastic surgeon takes the credit that should instead go to CFs Photoshop guy who obviously put in a long night’s work: From the Washington Examiner: If you haven’t managed to score a copy of the May/June 2010 edition of Capitol […]

Something’s not quite right here: ********** Actually, some of Malcolm X’s quotes can be slightly altered to easily fit Obama: “We didn’t land on General Motors; General Motors landed on us!”

Remember when the left was in a tizzy because Sarah Palin’s PAC had bullseyes on the districts the GOP was targeting in 2010? Such an image promoting gun violence, even metaphorically, was just terrible, they said. Nobody on that side will say a word though about Larry “you kids get off my Shawn!” King joking […]

What do you think? Something like this is bound to get more of the Arizona-hating San Francisco libs interested in tighter border security. The Wagah Border Ritual is a sort of “International political struggle” meets “Greenwich Village dinner theater” played out at a border gate. Michael Palin calls it “carefully choreographed contempt” — I think […]

President Obama at the West Virginia coal miners memorial, 4/25/10: Day after day, they would burrow into the coal, the fruits of their labor, what we so often take for granted: the electricity that lights up convention center; that lights up our church, or our home, our school, our office; the energy that powers our […]

Now I’m even more inclined to believe that Evo Morales has a firm grip on his climate science. Based on his obvious expertise in other science disciplines, who are we to doubt him? President of Bolivia Evo Morales, who is considered a champion of gay rights in Latin America, angered gay-friendly organizations last week after […]

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