EPA Wants To Limit Use of Deicing Fluid at Airports (And How Environmentally-Friendly Is a Plane Crash?)

I feel safer already:

Pilots, airlines and airports are warning the government’s proposed environmental restrictions on deicing fluid used to keep planes from freezing up and crashing could pose serious safety risks.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal seeks to limit the amount of the toxic deicing fluid that trickles off of runways and into nearby streams and rivers, harming water quality.

Critics say the new rules would have an unintended consequence — imperiling airport safety. They say the record-setting blizzards that recently buried the East Coast show how unworkable the regulation would be during winter weather.

My solution: Completely ban deicing fluid, but only for airplanes carrying EPA personnel or any other over-regulating government jackasses. It’s a chance I’m willing to take to save the environment!