Sorry pal, but Tea Partiers buy insurance, and far more of it, than your side:

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 21, 2010 — Los Angeles actor, D.C. Douglas, says he was dropped from the upcoming GEICO “Shocking News” campaign after a group of Tea Party members harassed him and the insurance giant over a private voicemail the actor left for FreedomWorks. Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of FreedomWorks, posted Mr. Douglas’ cell phone number in a blog post on, instructing readers to “Feel free to contact (him)… call his employer too. Let them know that you…are now in the market for car insurance.” The next day, GEICO held auditions to replace Mr. Douglas’ voice on the campaign.

Mr. Douglas’ message hardly warranted the mobilization of the Tea Party Movement. Upset by the recent gay and racial slurs slung by Tea Party members at Congressman Barney Frank and Representative John Lewis during the Health Care Reform Weekend, Mr. Douglas left his opinion of FreedomWorks’ staff and followers on their company voicemail and included his phone number.

“I called as a private citizen to make a complaint,” explains Mr. Douglas. “Racism and homophobia are my Achilles heal, but unfortunately my message included inappropriate words and I am sorry for that. However, telling their members to harass my employer to get me fired is an egregiously disproportionate response to my actions.”

If Douglas has proof of those racial slurs, screw Geico — he should go claim his $100,000 reward! But of course he doesn’t have proof and is simply choosing to falsly and unfairly generalize, demonize and stigmatize an entire group of people (isn’t that what racists do?) — folks who Geico would like to sell insurance to, by the way.

Here’s the guy’s blog post about his run-ins with the Tea Party, along with a graphic that I’m sure had nothing to do with Geico’s move:


Listen to the voicemail he left on the Freedom Works answering machine (download here), in which Douglas (calling as Lance Baxter) asked what percentage of the Freedom Works organization are “mentally retarded.” Douglas also complained that Big Government published his phone number — a number that he gave out on his voicemail! And Tea Partiers are mentally retarded?

DC Douglas also narrated a video naming Glenn Beck as the 2009 “Misinformer of the Year,” and as such I’m only guessing that Douglas had little to no problem with all the boycotts of Beck’s advertisers (a list that included Geico — jeez, how effin stupid are you, Mr. Douglas?) that the left was carrying out. And who were the intended victims of that advertiser boycott? Beck’s got plenty of money — the boycott would hurt the companies and perhaps mostly their employees, many of whom may not have a strong political opinion one way or another.

Douglas says it’s not fair that his job is affected by his political opinions, but how would he like it if his job were affected and he didn’t say anything at all — like many who work for the companies targeted by his fellow anti-Tea wacko liars?

But hey, that’s the free market and that’s the way it goes, but based on Beck’s ratings and returning advertisers, the Beck backlash was a big-time letdown for the left (DC Douglas’ side twisted Geico’s arm to boycott Beck and instead Geico boycotted DC Douglas — I love the smell of FAIL in the morning).

Tea Party followers are on average wealthier and better educated than the moonbat sect Douglas dabbles with. The lesson being that people clamoring for the government to cover all their insurance needs aren’t exactly Geico’s dream customer base.

That’s the way the world works. Deal with it, DC.

Update: A teachable moment — Tea Partiers don’t want “Crash the Tea Party” idiot to lose his teaching job. The Geico guy, not so much I guess.


19 Responses to “Geico Just Saved a Ton of Money By Firing Their Voiceover Guy Due to Tea Party Backlash”

  1. @keyboardjockey1 on April 21st, 2010 5:32 pm

    Look Who Is Dominating The News.

    Get Down To Business With Imus Sweepstakes Fox Business News, Ends May 3rd…Scroll Down To Chickaboomer's Political Bondage & Discipline. It's not just an RNC issue. Domination it's an American thing ;)

  2. Jeremie Jordan on April 21st, 2010 5:56 pm

    Is DC Douglas a moron? Is Too Tall Jones, too tall?

  3. ra44mr2 on April 21st, 2010 6:44 pm

    Its really a shame what happened to this guy, but honestly he brought it on himself. I mean really that was not a complaint phone call, that was an insulting and harassing phone call. When are these people going to wake up.

  4. Roger on April 21st, 2010 7:02 pm

    Where do I audition?!

  5. maladroit on April 21st, 2010 9:13 pm It's so easy, Joe Biden can do it!"

    The libs are going off the deep end. It's getting a little funny and a little scary at the same time.


  6. Missy on April 21st, 2010 10:50 pm

    This is serious or it would be laughable. How come the Tea partiers are allowed to say anything about the president and librals but no one can say anything about them??? They are such big advocates of free speech so how come they got this guy fired???

  7. Nanny on April 21st, 2010 11:05 pm

    Actually that picture kinda looks like To Tall might have been dangling some tea bags.

  8. maladroit on April 21st, 2010 11:12 pm

    @Missy: When the "librals" can force GEICO Insurance to remove all of their ads from the Glenn Beck show, then it's fair game to play the same game, is it not?
    Not only did this guy hinder GEICO's "free speech" by forcing them to boycott Beck, then he decided to rub salt in the wounds by harassing FreedomWorks. How much are we supposed to take before the backlash?
    Years and years of being called "racists" and "homophobes" – among other things (rednecks, inbreds, uneducated). Frankly, the elitists are getting a dose of their own fucking medicine.

  9. Mr. Greenjeans on April 22nd, 2010 12:24 am

    Missy, it's LIBERALS, not librals…stop making them look bad!

  10. Doug on April 22nd, 2010 12:28 am

    Missy/Nick – Really Nick – did you think by giving yourself a prissy name we would not recognize a troll? Silly boy.

    Haha! Remember Nanny, we practice "don't ask don't tell" here, even though Nick/Missy's president refuses to… and yet they still dislike us.

  11. Nanny on April 21st, 2010 11:03 pm

    Missy/Nick – Really Nick – did you think by giving yourself a prissy name we would not recognize a troll? Silly boy.

  12. Nick on April 22nd, 2010 3:28 pm

    With all due respect, when did I ever hide behind another name.

    That is what teabaggers do. The Republican brand failed, so you – out of embarrasment – renamed yourselves teabaggers.

    So when elected officials from the right and tea party leaders advocate violence, its ok. When some dude who works for GEICO does something stupid, all LIBERALS are to blame? Is that today's sound logic from the right?

    @maladroit. GEICO's free speech wasn't infringed on when they decided to drop advertising from Glenn Beck. Nor was Glenn Beck's. People (or as conservatives call them, corporations) have the right to exercise judgement. GEICO felt the radical and racist views of Glenn Beck did not represent their company. Same way they felt their recently terminated spokesperson did not.

  13. Kat on April 25th, 2010 6:12 pm

    The difference….Beck has a T.V. program that espouses hate on a daily basis. D.C. Douglas called as a U.S. citizen with a private complaint. Geico has lost my respect and I will never support them again while D.C. Douglas has gained many fans and supporters. Lets see the backlash of "the other 98%."

  14. Michelle Malkin » ‘Crash the Tea Party’ Teacher Now Unemployed — If Only There Was a Movement Dedicated to Improving the Jobs Market He Could Join on August 21st, 2010 12:24 pm

    [...] Maybe Levin can get a job as the next spokesman for Geico. What? Oh, nevermind. [...]

  15. PlasterInParis on August 22nd, 2010 3:27 am

    Personally, I think this speaks volumes – and it's hysterical! (scroll down to the video)

  16. patriot on August 28th, 2010 6:48 pm

    Oh, liberals can say anything they want, just like conservatives can. But if you are not prepared to deal with the consequences of what you say and who you're saying it to, and the fact that WORDS SPOKEN INTO A VOICE MAIL SYSTEM ARE RECORDED AND CAN BE REPLAYED, then maybe you'd better think twice before you open your mouth.
    But go ahead…talk away. And be sure to leave a number so people can call you back.

  17. patriot on August 28th, 2010 6:55 pm

    Can you tell me what right Mr. Douglas had to expect that the voicemail he left on FreedomWorks' voicemail system would never be made public? Did Matt Kibbe not have a right to share a recording from HIS organization's voicemail with anyone else? Or, he had the right, but he just wasn't being nice? Was he not being fair to poor Mr. Douglas, after Mr. Douglas essentially called him retarded and all? Please explain, I'm a little confused on that part.

  18. Aulbert on November 25th, 2010 5:26 am

    Geico does not really save people money. If I'm paying $3 for Insurance and Geico gives me a quote of $2 but actually charges me $4 is that really saving me money? That is what Geico does.

  19. imoforpcs on May 2nd, 2017 4:28 pm

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