That’s Not a Hole, That’s the Climate Rally’s Carbon Footprint!

This Sunday, in addition to being Lenin’s birthday (I’m just sayin’), is the Earth Day “Climate Rally” where everybody’s encouraged to fire up the fossil fuel burning engine of their cars, buses, airplanes and mopeds to make their way to DC to raise awareness to the dangers of fossil fuel emissions:


Climate Change activist Sting will probably arrive in his legendary private jet, which his wife explains away by saying that it’s “difficult for a musician to work without making a huge carbon footprint.” I wish that was an acceptable excuse for any other industry: “It’s tough for an oil company executive to work without making a huge carbon footprint.”

In any case, for those environmentalists who can’t afford a private jet from which to lobby against carbon emissions, there’s always the good old bus:

Free buses to the Climate Rally

Earth Day Network is sponsoring free buses from New York City, Philadephia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, Charleston WV, Richmond, Charlottesville, and Baltimore. RSVP today.

Buses to DC will park at RFK Stadium. There will be easy access to the Climate Rally by Metro Rail.

Seems to me that the most earth-friendly Earth Day would be to tell everybody to stay the hell home, but maybe I’m missing something.

Also featured at the Climate Rally will be Sting’s eco-hypocrite wife Trudie Styler, noted race hustler Jesse Jackson, and believer in eco-terrorism James Cameron.

Jackson may charter a private jet to get to there, as he is prone to do.

What do you think the carbon footprint of one of James Cameron’s homes is?


James Cameron is proof-positive that endless amounts of money make you lose your friggin’ mind:


Author: Doug Powers

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