There are websites that mock mis-spellings of protest signs, from immigration rallies to Tea Parties, but there’s no more pathetic sign mis-spelling than one that’s on the protest sign of a language arts teacher’s student with the teacher right there leading the charge.

Via Cassy Fiano, here’s a real gem from an Iowa teacher/student protest of planned Iowa budget cuts to education:


There’s no better way to justify your language teacher’s job, is there?

Watch the video and lose whatever faith you had left, if any, in our public educational system as the teacher rallies her students, including the “Save Are Teachers” (it might as well say “you want fries with that?”) pupil, to chant “Show us the money!” (they left out the “mmm mmm mmm” part)

It’s one thing to protest budget cuts, but another to drag your class out there to protest with you and waste time that is obviously much more needed giving grammar lessons.

I shouldn’t mock the “Save Are Teachers” student — we may well be looking at the next president of the Detroit School Board.


13 Responses to “‘Save Are Teachers!’”

  1. Joyanna Adams on April 26th, 2010 5:41 pm

    Right after one of my best friends had gotten her teaching degree, and had been teaching middleschool for over two year, I joked about Edgar Allen Poe to her at a luncheon date.

    She had NO clue who he was, and she majored in English, she had a degree. We ended up getting in a big fight about the fact that he was even a writer! She now, is considered one of the best teachers in her school. I wonder why?

    I bet she gives all here students the self-esteem to go through life, even though they don't have the very basic math and English to even know how to think.

    The blind are leading the blind, but as long as the rich can send their kids to private care, our schools are not much more than a babysitting service where pretty much the bottom of the college classes can get a job for life, in the union, the the upper claases can continue to get the better jobs.

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  10. Iona Deslauriers on July 16th, 2017 4:41 pm

    “Sometimes it’s a matter of picking your battles,” she says. “Sometimes you can’t be the contrarian that’s always poking. By the same token, sometimes you can’t be the silent one. But [you must] always be taking the pulse of the crowd [and figure out if it’s a battle worth fighting]. The stakes may be high, but you’re probably not ever going to differentiate yourself as a leader if that’s something you won’t do.”

  11. Libby on September 13th, 2017 7:00 am

    Teaching is archaic as is, let's move on to MOOCs already.

  12. davidm139 on October 11th, 2017 5:44 am

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