What a Coink-ee-dink: Leader of Muslim Group That Threatened South Park Creators Was in Times Square Saturday Night

For now just file this under, “Hey, that’s a coincidence”:

A Queens Islamic group that warned the creators of “South Park” of retaliation for lampooning the Prophet Muhammed denied involvement Sunday in the Times Square bomb plot.

Younus Abdullah Muhammed, who runs the Web site RevolutionMuslim.com, said he was in Times Square at the time the car bomb was discovered, but he insisted he was not involved in the botched bombing.

“What do you think, I commanded somebody to blow up a building in the middle of Times Square?” a testy Muhammed told the Daily News.
He said he was on 42nd St. and Broadway in Times Square about 6:30 p.m. Saturday – just about the time a bomb-packed SUV was found on 45th St. and Broadway.

“I was down there with a loudspeaker and a speaking permit from the NYPD telling people that [President] Obama is a fascist. That’s where I was, right down the street,” said Muhammed, adding that authorities had not contacted him.

After viewing a surveillance video, police are looking for a balding white man. Do you know anybody like that, Mr. Muhammed?


Uh, nevermind.

The guy in the video looks less portly than Muhammed appears to be, but it is an odd coincidence.

Update: The left’s dreams of the perp being a Tea Partier seem to be dissipating.

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Author: Doug Powers

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