Poor Thing: Former Osama Bin Laden Aide Has Post Traumatic Jihad Disorder

Feel bad for him? Me neither:

Osama Bin Laden’s ex-bodyguard is threatening to boycott his own trial if he has to get a cavity search every time he comes to court.

Al Qaeda operative Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani’s lawyers say he has posttraumatic stress disorder because of how he was treated while in CIA custody.

And being stripped brings brings back “vivid memories of the interrogation process that he endured, as well as a real fear that further maltreatment will occur in the present setting,” the lawyers argued in court papers.

Ghailani – charged with two East African embassy bombings in 1998 – freaked out last November when he was forced to get naked before a court hearing so officers at the Manhattan federal lockup could visually inspect his rear end.

He told his lawyers he would “no longer voluntarily appear in court” unless the feds promise he won’t be “humiliated” again, they wrote.

Barney Frank has heroically offered to stand in for Ghailani during the searches, but the Judge’s decision on whether or not to allow that is pending.

“Post traumatic stress disorder” sounds a little better than “compassion fatigue,” but it’s still a ridiculous claim.

So, how can you tell if you have Post Traumatic Jihad Disorder?

The first warning sign is apathy:


As PTJD advances, it permeates the brain cells, leading to cognitive disorders such as spelling problems:


And a potentially fatal carelessness with fire:


If you suspect you might have Post Traumatic Jihad Disorder, you can get help here.

Author: Doug Powers

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