In What Seems Massively Redundant, Al Franken Explains a Cartoon on the Senate Floor


Andrew Malcolm explains:

Franken takes many moments to explain the drawing and its symbols as documentation for his argument for more government regulation of yet another part of the financial industry.

No, this is not a “Saturday Night Live” skit. This is the real thing from the Senate floor where the 100 members are paid $174,000 — each — for this work. The folks back home must be very proud of the honorable gentleman.

Forget about Wall Street — the first thing the government needs to more tightly regulate is the tax returns of members of Congress like Al Franken, as well as Obama’s cabinet.

Here’s Al in all his glory:

Tomorrow, Franken will head back to the Senate floor to explain this Family Circus cartoon in great detail as evidence that we must pass Cap & Trade to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere before everything dies:



Author: Doug Powers

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