Why Isn’t the Obama Administration Bragging About Elena Kagan’s Sexual Preference?


I ran across an article at Mediaite that takes to task anybody who’s making a big deal out of Elena Kagan’s alleged sexual preference:

With the White House announcement that Elena Kagan has been nominated to the Supreme Court, it won’t be long until the chattering classes again begin to discuss her (lack of a) personal life and the lesbian rumors. Perhaps more importantly, why should it matter whether Kagan is a lesbian or not?

I would agree if I wasn’t so distracted by why the current White House — an administration that never met a non-majority race, creed, orientation, color or religion it wouldn’t proudly and openly celebrate as braggadocious evidence of their inclusiveness (“first Latina on the Supreme court”, “first gay ambassador” etc) — is desperate to avoid discussion about the possibility of Kagan being lesbian. The White House even gave CBS a rap on the knuckles a while back for daring to mention that Kagan might be gay. Why?

Personally I like to see a little display of pride in those who claim to embrace “gay pride” movements — but instead the Obama administration seems to be side-stepping and avoiding the subject of Kagan’s sexual preference like it’s non-alcoholic beer at a Kennedy family reunion.

For people who are for repealing “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” they sure do practice it a lot.

It’s being reported that conservatives are targeting the lesbian rumor, but I don’t see it that way. I couldn’t care less if Kagan’s a lesbian — She can spend her weekends riding Harleys with kd lang and trying to achieve the ultimate Johnny Unitas haircut for all I care. It’s that she’s arriving on the scene from out there in left field that’s the problem for most conservatives.

Liberals are the ones who seem to have an aversion to discussing Kagan’s sexuality, as evidenced by the Obama administration’s avoidance of a subject you’d think they’d be bragging about. What’s with the homophobia, Mr. President?

Author: Doug Powers

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