The ‘Obama Club’ Opens in China: Come and Mao Down on Their Dinner Specials


It’s a Chinese custom that if a visitor bows subserviently to the leader of China, the bower gets a club named after them — and this time is no different:

The Shanghai nightlife scene has a new addition, the “Obama Club.” It opened last month. The owners say they named the club after the American president because they admire his message of “change.” The inside of the club is more sexual than political, what with the naked golden women sculptures on the walls.

At the “Obama Club,” the wait staff writes down what your party wants, brings back food that 60% of your table didn’t order and tells you that you’re going to love it anyway but can’t eat it for five years — and you have to start paying for it immediately… and the restaurant closes before the food ever arrives.

Nightly specials include Michelle Obama’s dinner salad, made entirely with fruits and vegetables grown in the **White House garden (**unless they were purchased at a New York City produce market).

Seafood is a specialty, so I suggest Rahm’s Deadfish or the David Axel-scrod. An hour later you’ll be hungry to take over GM and health care.

At the Obama Club, smoking is allowed, but only once in a while if nobody is looking, and the premium beers are reserved for customers settling racial disputes that were ginned up for political purposes.

The place doesn’t look very busy. Maybe word has gotten out that the Chinese government has put in place a $50 cover charge that will be put toward what the US owes them:

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Author: Doug Powers

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