President Chris Christie? Don’t Fuhgeddaboutit

In New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the GOP might be looking at their next presidential nominee — provided they don’t go limper than Enzyte Bob off meds like they did in 2008 and nominate a middle-left wishy-washy candidate with zero chance of winning.

If the Republicans are going to take the White House back in 2012 (or 2016 perhaps, as far as Christie is concerned), they’re going to need a candidate who pledges not just to stop the socialist genie from coming out of bottle but who will concede to leaving alone whatever parts already made it out. The Republicans will need a candidate who not only says he’s going to stop the genie, but who pledges to stuff the entire bloated, Marxist bastard back into the bottle ass-first and without any lubricant. So far, Chris Christie has proven he actually can and will follow through with such a pledge.

Chris Christie’s got the stones to slash ‘n burn and reel in spending — in New Jersey no less. This is something that’s going to be required in order to save the US from ruin, no matter how painful it may be for some (::cough:: big labor ::cough::).

Via Allahpundit, tell me this guy isn’t going to at least be begged to run in 2012:

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

Would you pay to see a Christie/Obama debate? I would — Christie would be a bull in a teleprompter shop.

Author: Doug Powers

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