More civil rights horrors perpetrated by Arizona authorities:

TONOPAH, Ariz. – An illegal cockfighting ring was busted in the west valley and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not taking this animal cruelty lightly.

The fights were held in Tonopah, near 385th Avenue and Southern. Nearly 70 people were arrested, including 20 suspected illegal aliens.

“We do not give tickets out, we arrest them and put them in handcuffs, book them into our jail when they violate animal cruelty laws. I don’t care if it’s against dogs, cats, horses, roosters or what have you.” Arpaio said.

When will this inhumanity end? Somebody please stop Arizona “law enforcement” before none of us have any rights left! It’s time for undocumented cockfighters to stand up and say in unison, “From my cold, dead rooster!”

Where’s Machete when we need him most?


4 Responses to “Out-of-Control Arizona Police Profile and Arrest Undocumented Cockfighters”

  1. Nanny on May 17th, 2010 10:32 pm

    Just returned from California last week visiting my new grandson. My son-in-law is a 3rd generation American of Mexican descent. He has a very large family and EVERY one of them hate illegal immigrants and they STRONGLY dislike Obama. They are very proud Americans and the dimpycrats had better watch their p's and q's on the immigration issue if they think they have support from the Hispanic community. It is not there whole hog like they would like us to believe.

    This grandma got out-conservatived by a couple of the in-laws I am very happy to report!!! And….. I have the cutest dang grandson to boot!!! It was a win-win trip except for the traffic – my those greenie weenies out their like their big SUV's!!!

  2. Doug on May 18th, 2010 2:07 am

    Good for them!

    We have a friend who is Hispanic and he's a Tea Partier! But most of the media would never interview him because he doesn't fit the meme…

  3. Cayeyana on June 12th, 2010 5:21 am

    Either you are lying or, as I very well know, your Latino family are "racist" against their own. I know a few like that. I am of hispanic descent but BORN AN AMERICAN. I will sue the pants off the officer who ask me for "papers". Trust me: THE MAJORITY OF LATINOS ARE FIGHTING, BOYCOTTING AND TALKING TO COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD, not to visit NAZI-ZONA. I AM A PROUD AMERICAN. A REAL ONE.

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