Obama: Daniel Pearl Beheading ‘Captured the World’s Imagination’

For me, things that “capture the world’s imagination” are events like landing on the moon, or, yes, perhaps even the election of the first black President of the United States — but a grisly beheading?

The below brief video is from the signing of the “Freedom of the Press Act” and is first-hand evidence of what can go wrong when Obama goes off-prompter.

Also, not that it would have mattered to Obama, but it would have been nice for a member of the Pearl family to remind the prez that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed & company murdered Daniel because he was Jewish, not because he was a reporter.

Expecting a “Freedom of the Press” act inspired by the murder of Daniel Pearl to reduce violence against reporters is as misguided and senseless as expecting a “Freedom to Work in a High Rise Office” act inspired by 9/11 to reduce instances of terrorists flying jets into buildings:

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

Author: Doug Powers

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