Beck Reads the Immigration Bill Aloud; Are Obama, Holder and Calderon Paying Attention? I Didn’t Think So

Hopefully Eric Holder and the rest are paying attention, but I highly doubt it. After all, as Holder’s boss said not long ago, information is a threat to Democracy, so Obama’s staff is just following orders by not doing things like reading laws they criticize.

But just in case, Glenn Beck decided to make their job a little easier and read the Arizona immigration bill. Click the pic to go to the video at The Right Scoop:


To accompany that, here’s a brief recap of yesterday’s events on the visit of the President of Mexico: Just before Calderon arrived, Obama’s Chief of Protocol slipped. A glance at the guest-list for the State Dinner shows that Hillary went stag, which totally ruined any possible joke about what she slipped on.

Calderon was a little miffed because Obama traveled to everybody else’s country to apologize on behalf of the United States, and Calderon had to come and get his, but get one he did.

Michelle Obama and Margarita Zavala went to a school to speak with kids. One girl who implied that her mother is in the U.S. illegally and the child is worried that “Barack Obama is taking away everybody who doesn’t have papers.” I’m sure the girl was supposed to say “Arizona is taking away…” just like in rehearsal, but got confused. In any case, there might be a little extra electricity flowing through her BMI gauge once the mandatory provisions of “Let’s Move” kick into full gear.

Today, Calderon will address a joint session of Congress and ask why some of them are being so prickly about allowing Mexico to dump their unwanteds in the U.S. Geez, if there was ever a White House visitor who deserves to be taken out through the garbage exit, it’s this guy.

Does anybody really expect that a president who yesterday said, “In the 21st century, our nations are not defined by our borders but by our bonds” to ever do anything about border security? Maybe we could convince him that we need to build a “bond fence.”

It’s probably way too much to hope for that Washington DC gets some of its electricity from Arizona. It would be awesome to have that switch thrown right in the middle of Calderon’s speech and to hear Arizona snickering in the background.

They’re also sure to keep Calderon away from Robert Byrd so there isn’t a repeat of the “Now you better get back to the Rose Garden and start weedin’ the hostaces, son” fiasco like last time he visited in DC.

They tell me that Obama watches this video clip for hours on end in preparation for meeting any world leader, and yesterday was certainly no exception:

Author: Doug Powers

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