Rahm Emanuel & Family Dine in Israel, Stick Israel With the Bill

Members of the Obama administration continue to strengthen relations with Israel:

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and his family dined on seafood at an Eilat restaurant and left the bill for the Israeli Tourism Ministry, according to reports in Israeli media. The report was met with consternation by MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari of the National Union, who wants the bill sent back to Emanuel.

Emanuel is in Israel on a private visit, not an official one, with his parents, wife, children and other family members, to make preparations for his son’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Upon arrival in Israel Friday, the Emanuels headed for Eilat, where they dined on seafood at a restaurant. After the (unkosher) meal, which included cheviche (citrus marinaded seafood), calamari (fried squid), various fish, salads and hamburgers, the bill was handed over to a Ministry of Tourism representative who accompanied the Emanuels.

Ben-Ari fired off a letter to the Attorney General in which he said: “I was amazed to hear that following the sumptuous meal at the ‘Boston’ restaurant Emanuel handed the bill to a Ministry of Tourism representative who was present. In my humble legal opinion there is no possibility of making the State of Israel pay for such a meal, as part of a private visit by the White House Chief of Staff and his family.”

“The public coffers are not up for grabs and the fact that the gentleman [Emanuel] sponsors anti-Semitic policies in the White House is certainly no justification for digging into the public coffer at the expense of the old lady in the corridor of the hospital,” Ben-Ari added – in a reference to the shortage of hospital beds in Israel, which is attributed to budgetary problems.

Coming from a bunch who believes that it’s always somebody else’s responsibility to pay for everything, this is hardly surprising.

If a Wall Street exec was on a private trip and charged a meal to his company’s account, Rahm Emanuel and the rest of the Obama administration would want him thrown in prison.

And good luck getting the US Attorney General to read your letter, Dr. Ben-Ari — Eric Holder won’t even read the Arizona immigration law, so I’m guessing your letter will warrant similar attention.

One more related item: They speak of the “old lady in the corridor of the hospital” because of budget shortages. Israel has a national health care program much like Obama signed here not long ago. Feel better? Me neither.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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