Westboro Baptist Church to Picket at Funeral of… Ronnie James Dio?

The WBC freaks must have had a free day on their calendar from picketing at soldiers funerals, but I think they’re really risking a metal-head beatdown with this one:

The public memorial service for Ronnie Dio could be disrupted by American cult Westboro Baptist Church.

Ronnie Dio emerged as the singer with Rainbow, before joining Black Sabbath. Replacing Ozzy Osbourne, the frontman earned the respect of fans with his sensational performances and wailing vocals.
The singer’s family have unveiled details for a public memorial service, due to take place in Los Angeles later this week. However the service could be disrupted by the presence of a controversial Christian cult.

The Westboro Baptist Church plan to attend, in protest at the legacy of Ronnie Dio. The church have confirmed their intention to witness the ceremony, accusing the singer of promoting the ‘devil horn’ sign, worshipping the devil and hating God.

Of course, what they obviously don’t realise is that the ‘devil horn’ sign is in fact a well known European folk symbol, warding off the ‘evil eye’. Passed on to Dio by his Italian grandmother, the singer adopted it onstage as a reaction to Ozzy Osbourne’s liberal use of the peace symbol.

When God handed out lucidity, the Westboro Baptist Church was Last in Line (sorry).

I do wish the media would stop referring to this inbred cuckoo’s nest as either a “church” or a “Christian cult.” They’re neither a “church” or “Christian” — The WBC is a collection of mentally imbalanced free-range freaks who spread hate and not the word of Christ.

They seem to have a new logo though — nice:


Tell me this isn’t a bunch of seriously repressed homosexuals. After a long day of picketing “fags” I’m guessing they go back to the motel, put on powdered wigs, ballerina shoes, tutus and lipstick and auto-erotic asphyxiate themselves until they end up even dumber than they were the day before.

Author: Doug Powers

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