If Ann Curry Worked for Fox News, Would Wheaton College Have Been So Gracious?

NBC Newsreader Ann Curry delivered the commencement address at Wheaton College in Massachusetts and provided evidence of why you should never rely on Google for your speech prep:

After taking the stage to launch into the school’s 175th commencement address, she sought to drive home the inspirational content of her speech by ticking off the names of a few of the school’s more illustrious alums. Among the entries on the Curry honor roll: “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl, evangelist Billy Graham, slasher-film director Wes Craven, and United Airlines Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer. There was just one problem: Apart from Stahl, everyone on that list actually graduated from another Wheaton College, the Christian liberal-arts college in Wheaton, Illinois.

A funny error, but still, no big deal in the big picture — but the school seems to think so:

You won’t find video or a transcript of Curry’s commencement gaffe anywhere on the Web at this point, because the school has graciously scrubbed all traces of it from the official video and transcript posted on its website. “We didn’t want to broadcast misinformation,” Wheaton spokesman Michael Graca told the Boston Globe.

I can’t help but wonder if somebody from Fox News, which of course now includes Sarah Palin, made the same gaffe, if the school would have been so gracious or if they’d have sent the video to the Huffington Post by now.

Author: Doug Powers

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