A while back I wrote about my family’s little runaround with the Census Bureau. Many of the problems can be due to the general incompetence of the bureaucrats who organize the count — or disorganize it rather — but this time around much of the disarray is intentional: Last week, one of the millions of […]

At a townhall in New Jersey yesterday, a whiny teacher who could use a few weeks at one of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” boot camps complained about the state’s education budget and how little money she makes and how she’s not compensated for her education and blah blah blah WAAAAHHHH! (violins, pity party). Governor Christie’s […]

It was yesterday at a meeting in Washington about Obama’s agenda for small business in America that the president praised the “great work” that the governor is doing in Michigan in the area of tax credits and other incentives for small businesses in Michigan. “Great work” indeed: “But… but… it was an administrative error and […]

New Orleans — PNN: President Obama has not only travelled to Louisiana to monitor the progress of the effort to “plug the damn hole,” but the White House announced that the president is personally swimming to the site of the leak to negotiate with, and more than likely apologize to, the spilling oil. Amid much […]

The fence is almost finished. What? No, not that one… this one’s being built on the White House north lawn for a utility project — but hey, it’s a good start! And this pic from CBS News’ Mark Knoller: There… that should help keep the press out! Hopefully when they’re done working at the White […]

NBC Newsreader Ann Curry delivered the commencement address at Wheaton College in Massachusetts and provided evidence of why you should never rely on Google for your speech prep: After taking the stage to launch into the school’s 175th commencement address, she sought to drive home the inspirational content of her speech by ticking off the […]

Joe McGinniss has for quite some time had an unhealthy fixation on Sarah Palin, but this is just plain creepy: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has long had a contentious relationship with the media, lashed out today against a writer she says has moved in next door while he writes a book about her. […]

It’s a nutcase “Twin Spin” today, brought to you by the uber-corpulent harpies of Code Pink — so named because of all the Pepto Bismol you have to swill after seeing them in bathing suits, smeared in oil, wrapped in fish nets and protesting in front of a BP office. Somebody roll these things back […]

Heaven forbid that people who could somebody be sent to fight in a war slip down an obelisk and dislocate a toe during a ritual that’s been going on since about 1940, so fortunately the Safety Patrol has arrived on site at our military academies: ANNAPOLIS, Md. – As they have for 70 years, students […]

Quite a ways into John Heilemann’s looooong New York magazine article about Obama, Geithner and Wall Street, there’s this quote I could have done without: Indeed, the president’s support for his Treasury secretary has been unwavering. (Axelrod would laugh at rumors that Geithner was about to get the boot: “Don’t these people realize they have […]

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