Here’s the 2003 obit headline from the New York Times for non-Klansman Republican Senator Strom Thurmond: And here’s the obit headline for former Ku Klux Klan Grand Kleagle, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd: Both obits, it’s worth noting, were written by Adam “major league a-hole” Clymer. (h/t James Taranto)

Here’s the masseuse-in-question, Molly Hagerty, who is claiming Al Gore/Mr. Stone tried to force her to climb the south face of Mt. Moonbat. She’s holding a sackful of what she says contains the crazed sex poodle’s “second chakra” droppings. I can’t go on — getting ill… Enquiring minds no longer want to know. I’m a […]

It’s getting so you can’t even plant spies in somebody else’s country without that country getting all wiggy about it and ruining a good relationship: Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin criticized American law enforcement agencies on Tuesday for breaking up an what they described as a Russian espionage ring in the United States, as other […]

HotAirPundit sums up the continuing joke that is the “from day one” Obama administration’s response to the oil spill: Funny how V.P. Biden has plenty of time to fly to Wisconsin for a fundraiser for Russ Feingold, go to the World Cup and watch soccer, come back and play golf with Obama, but he can’t […]

At the confirmation hearing for Elena Kagan yesterday, Sen. Al Franken, well aware that he’s going to vote to confirm the uber-progressive SCOTUS nominee no matter what Kagan says during questioning, had some free time, so he sketched a picture of another member of the Judiciary Committee, Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions: Sessions saw Franken’s drawing […]

Twitterers may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted to Twitter since last Friday. The reason is that I’m unable to get to the “home” page where you write the posts. I can log in and get to everywhere else in the site, but that page won’t load (I get an “over capacity” […]

That’s all, really. I just wanted to see how the unwaivering followers of the hypocritical and greedy **“crazed sex poodle” like it when their own insane comparisons are thrown back at them. Oh, and if Gore ever asks for your help in releasing his second chakra, step away quickly. **When applying the term “crazed sex […]

President Obama keeps offering up every detail about the US nuke arsenal, so I don’t really understand why the Russians feel like they need spies anymore when they can get all the info they need just by calling up the White House, but they’re still spying nonetheless: They had lived for more than a decade […]

Joe Biden is in Kentucky continuing his “Summer Recovery 2010″ tour (aka “Scams Across America”), and Pluggers was speaking at GE’s Appliance Park about the stimulus boondoggle, when Jim Campbell, smartass CEO of GE Appliances and Lighting, collapsed. Fortunately it sounds like Campbell’s going to be okay and it was just a heat-related incident, but […]

The Supreme Court just announced its ruling on McDonald v. Chicago. I’ve been keeping half an eye on the SCOTUSblog’s live coverage (yes, I’m that bored), and this just came across: Tom: Gun rights prevail Erin: The opinion concludes that the 14th Amendment does incorporate the Second Amendment right recognized in Heller to keep and […]

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