Staff Salaries: Money Wasting Bush vs. Fiscally Responsible Obama

Hope & Change promised to save taxpayers from a lot of wasteful spending, but as it turns out, that kind of fiscal responsibility doesn’t come cheap:

The White House released its staff salary data today as has been required of all administrations annually since 1995. The list goes from the top, chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, all the way down to the lowest-level employee. The Office of Vice President and Office of Management are not included. The staggering sum for the Obama administration staff comes to $38,796,307.00.

In comparison, the White House staff salaries for President Bush’s last year in office, 2008, came to $33,193,021.00. That’s a difference of $5,603,286.00, or an increase of 16.9% from the Bush administration to the current Obama administration.

And all this after the left called Obama’s “salary freeze” for White House staff making over $100,000 a “welcome change” after eight years of Bush/Cheney.

You see, it’s not necessarily the amount of the individual staff salary that adds up — it’s the number of staff.

And while we’re at it, President Obama’s “Deficit Reduction Commission” is asking for more funding.

Author: Doug Powers

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