Arizona Defense Fund Tops $500,000 Mark

The real shame of this whole thing is that taxpayers are donating money to fight a federal government that’s suing a US state with taxpayer money — meaning you and I are paying for the prosecution and the defense, but only one of them willingly:

PHOENIX (AP) — Donations to a special fund to help Arizona pay to defend its immigration enforcement law now total roughly $500,000, with more than half of the contributions made as the federal government sued to challenge the law.

The U.S. Justice Department filed its suit Tuesday in federal court in Phoenix. A document obtained by The Associated Press from Gov. Jan Brewer’s office showed that 7,008 of the 9,057 contributions submitted to the fund’s website by Thursday morning were made in the days following the government’s filing.

The site to donate is here. If only the Obama administration would use the money they’re suing Arizona with to secure the border the problem would be closer to being solved. But then, this isn’t about solving any problem except that Team Obama fears there won’t be enough votes for them in November if we chase away all the “undocumented Democrats.”

Author: Doug Powers

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