Um, That’s Not Mud on Your Shoes, Mr. President


Last night, as part of his never-ending pledge to not rest one moment until the oil leak is plugged, President Obama hosted a fundraiser for Harry Reid in Nevada. You remember Nevada… the state you shouldn’t waste money taking a vacation in.

I wish the president from the political party that’s home to the legendary vehicularly-challenged Kennedy clan would stop with the “car in the ditch” metaphor, but Obama is still rolling with it:

They basically — they spent a decade driving the economy into a ditch. And now they’re asking for the keys back. (Laughter.) And my answer is, no, you cant have the keys. (Applause.) You can’t drive. You don’t know how to drive. You drive in the wrong direction. You can’t have them back. (Applause.) We’re just getting the car out of the ditch. We can’t have you drive it back in the ditch. (Laughter.)

Harry Reid and I, we got mud on our shoes. We’re — we’ve been pushing and shoving — car is just kind of getting out, almost — almost on some pavement. (Laughter.) Some, they’re all, “no, no, we want to pull into reverse.” (Laughter.) Run right over Harry and me. (Laughter.) Get you back in the mud.
That doesn’t make sense.

I’m pretty sure that’s not mud on their shoes. Anybody who’s ever walked through a livestock pen at a farm knows what Obama and Reid have on their shoes, and it’s the same stuff they’ve been shoveling all over the rest of us.

And if the metaphor of “pushing a car out of a ditch” to get the economy back on track holds water, they could have saved the effort, called a tow truck driver, paid him $100 billion to pull it out of the ditch and we still would have come out ahead. Or better yet, leave the damn car in the ditch. I think I liked it better there.

Author: Doug Powers

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