Russia Whisks Away Returned Spies, Biden Heartbroken

Vladimir Putin is old-school KGB, so I’m sure the Russian spies who allowed themselves to get caught in the U.S. are being treated like kings — nobody will probably ever be able to verify that, though:

The 10 spies sent back to Mother Russia in a swap with the United States received a less than glorious welcome, swept away from the Moscow airport in a black minivan and kept out of public view.

The United States and Russia exchanged spies this morning on the tarmac of the airport in Vienna, Austria, bringing an end to a 12-day saga that reminded the world that secret agents and invisible ink are not a thing of the past.
Local media offered little coverage of the arrival, labeling it the “happy ending” and changing their coverage toward the four Russian citizens transferred to United Kingdom and United States.

Moskovsky Komsomolets, a prominent Russian newspaper, buried the story under the front page coverage about the octopus in German that had been predicting World Cup results.

Joe Biden wanted to keep the hot chick spy and instead send Rush Limbaugh, but that didn’t happen. I’m sure the hot chick spy would have rather done it that way though.

On that note, how far we’ve fallen that we have a vice president of the United States cracking jokes and trivializing the subject of Russian spies:

Frankly, if Biden wants to send to Russia somebody who would feel a little more at home there, he should forget about Rush and send his boss.

Author: Doug Powers

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