Democrat Outburst at a Constituent #4154: Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D-on’t Question My Authoritah!)

Many Democrats these days have political slipknots around their necks, in no small part because they helped the president ram through pork programs that nobody wanted that have subsequently been proven to be abject failures and/or outright shams. They’re panicking, and the more they panic, the tighter the knot gets.

Here’s Rep. Ciro Rodriquez (D-TX) being questioned by his constituents (his employers, by the way) about his support for the Obamacare power and money grab — which is apparently a no-no because nobody is supposed to question these exalted kings — er, I mean, public servants.

Watch what happens when a person suggests Rodriquez isn’t being entirely truthful — time for this guy to go:

Rats normally abandon sinking ships, but these particular vermin have been lashed to the deck of the plunging SS Hope by a president they sold their souls to, and as the water rises with the approach of November, they’re getting more and more freaked out. Good.

Here’s the site of Ragin’ Rodriguez’s opponent and, ultimately, his replacement, Republican Francisco Canseco. I’d suggest that Canseco use Rage-Rod telling a constituent “I’m not gonna take any heat from you” in a campaign ad.

(h/t Big Government)

Author: Doug Powers

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