Geraldo to Shabazz: Shouldn’t White People Have Access to Lincoln Memorial Too?

It’s a good thing that these racist kooks are being yanked out from under their rocks and into the direct sunlight — although to some degree the head of the New Black Panther Party is getting far more attention than he deserves.

Malik Shabazz was on Geraldo’s show last night, and the subject of Glenn Beck’s rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Martin Luther King’s birthday arose. Shabazz’s group, the Nalc Xulk Uk (Ku Klux Klan but in reverse) has said they will protest Beck’s Lincoln Memorial Rally because the crackas just shouldn’t be there.

Geraldo covered all the bases, such as why shouldn’t white people also have access to national memorials, and how many white people on the side of the union died during a civil war that liberated slaves, but there’s nothing more futile than talking sense to a nut:

The interview is here — including a clip of Shabazz praising Osama Bin Laden, just in case you didn’t think he was crazy enough.

Update: A reminder of the New Black Panther Party’s “Obama ’08” fan page.

Author: Doug Powers

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