Obama: Al Qaeda is Racist Against Blacks — Other Races Murdered by Terrorists Unavailable for Comment

If you needed any more proof that President Obama refuses to take terrorism seriously and is more interested in playing politics with the problem instead of confronting it, here it is:

In an interview earlier today with the South African Broadcasting Corporation to air in a few hours, President Obama disparaged al Qaeda and affiliated groups’ willingness to kill Africans in a manner that White House aides say was an argument that the terrorist groups are racist.

Speaking about the Uganda bombings, the president said, “What you’ve seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself. They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains.”

He’s expecting Islamofascists to think through the long-term consequences of their actions? Good lord… we’re in more trouble than I thought. They have thought through the long-term consequences of murdering innocent people by the bushel: “Fewer infidels walking the earth and 72 virgins for me!”

Terrorists do not regard life in general as valuable, but then, anybody who cares to recognize the nature of Islamic extremism (or even admit that it exists) knows that groups like Al Qaeda don’t want to kill people because of their color — they want to kill them because they’re not Muslims. Hell, terrorists don’t even care if a few innocent Muslims get caught up in the mix when they bomb a building or crash a plane. Obama would submit to a cattle-prod enema rather than ever admit that.

Obama has changed his tactic. Just after the 9/11 attacks, Obama said terrorists had a “fundamental lack of empathy.” Now they’re racist against blacks?

Can somebody remind Obama about 9/11? Those weren’t only black people jumping from the buildings. There weren’t only black passengers on the hijacked planes. Nick Berg wasn’t black. Daniel Pearl wasn’t black. Al Qaeda didn’t target only black Pentagon employees. Obama knows this, of course — so why say something as insane as “Al Qaeda is racist against blacks”? What an insult to… well, everybody.

Is it a coincidence that on the same day the NAACP passed a resolution calling the Tea Party a “racist” organization that hates black people, President Obama came out and said Al Qaeda is a racist organization that hates black people? Put that in the “things that make you go ‘hmm'” file.

This leftist lunacy isn’t confined to President Obama either. Here’s a classic flashback of Obama’s Attorney General refusing to even admit that there is a such thing as “radical Islam”:

My plan to get Obama and Holder to agree that Islamofascism is a grave threat to people in the civilized world — no matter what their color — is to somehow convince them that Al Qaeda supports the Arizona immigration law.

Update: It occurs to me that, if Al Qaeda is racist against blacks as Obama says, how stupid is the New Black Panther Party for praising Osama bin Laden?

Author: Doug Powers

Doug Powers is a writer, editor and commentator covering news of the day from a conservative viewpoint with an occasional shot of irreverence and a chaser of snark. Townhall Media writer/editor. MichelleMalkin.com alum. Bowling novice. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan. Contact: WriteDoug@Live.com.