Ever since I wrote about the William Morris Agency’s “selective n-word outrage” over at Michelle Malkin’s site, I’ve read columns here and there about how I “defended” Mel Gibson.

One column in the New York Daily News insinuated that I was defending Mel Gibson (though they did quote from my post accurately), and Rebecca Dana at the Daily Beast wrote that I gave Gibson a “tepid defense.” This isn’t an earth-shattering issue, but I would like to say that both are untrue — There is no defense of Gibson in what I wrote, either overtly, tepidly or otherwise.

It’s fairly clear (at least I thought) from what I wrote that I was saying if the William Morris Agency was going to dump one person for using the “n-word,” then they should have a similar intolerance for that word no matter what context it’s used from their clients. Especially when William Morris’ entertainment clients are putting the word dozens and dozens of times on CD’s being sold to the general public — many of them kids.

To sum it up, I wasn’t defending Mel Gibson, I was saying that William Morris should get rid of all their n-word slinging clients like they got rid of Mel — not that they should bring Mel back on board because “everybody else says it.”


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  1. Joyanna Adams on July 18th, 2010 1:03 am

    Proving once again that people don't read anymore.

    You made perfect logical sense to this nobody.. The agency was being hypocritical….most nobodies in the world understood, and agreed with you Mr. Powers, but many professional writers have agenda's to put forth and look for any reason to "pontificate" their little world views.

    You could not have said it more logically.

    But, I'd say, it's a good sign. Keep it up, you're bound to make the New York Times hit list soon…which means, the truth is out there…and you're pushing truth buttons that hurt.

    Good for you.

  2. lady bk on July 18th, 2010 11:30 am

    I studied law for many years- it has little to do with the truth-

    I find it hard to imagine that anything that was not 'staged' by the woman concerned..or why else would a 'recording' be in place???

    n words b words f words- all plays on words by hypocritical people-who have little to do in real life- it is a shame that a man is so exasperated that he has to resort to this-
    many couples break down- and I think wisdom would be to compare these tapes with 12000 other break up conversations- the vernacular is a pretty common theme-

    I am proud of Mr Gibson- who, despite the world magnifying glass being on his every move and utterance- he plainly speaks the truth as e sees it- though lacking the eloquence as I do-

    Shouldnt the parenting role and the daughter be paramount-not the mud slinging the lawyers use to degrade the adults?
    If his films dont sell and his careeer drops her maintenance does- wise move girl?? methinks not!

    now- some respect for the child here and dont add fuel to a household that really doesnt need it- let a little love and compassion shine for a girl who will need her daddy-

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