Broadway at the White House: Bush Spared, Kagan Not

When I heard President Obama was hosting yet another show at the White House, this time for Broadway, my first thought was “who will be the first to crack a another joke about Bush?”

As far as I know that didn’t happen, but actor Nathan Lane had the line of the week:

The concert, which will air in October on PBS, was hosted by Lane, who got — at times — a little saucy with his remarks. He joked that at first he was stopped while getting through security at the White House because he was mistaken for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

And Lane also tried to make the president comfortable with his metrosexuality:

Lane said many men avoid Broadway musicals, fearing that “your y-chromosome is going to fall off.”

“He ain’t afraid,” Lane said of President Obama’s enjoyment of shows. “He even enjoys going to the theater. You know after Lincoln, presidents haven’t exactly raced to the theater.”

Yeah, just because Obama likes the musical theater doesn’t mean he can’t be as masculine as other presidents:


(h/t Weasel Zippers)

Author: Doug Powers

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