Question for Those Blaming Fox News and Breitbart for Sherrod’s Firing

All morning many talking heads, pundits and whatnot have been pointing the finger of blame at Fox News and Breitbart for the firing of Shirley “once was lost but now I’m found” Sherrod.

Some are even encouraging her to sue Fox News and Breitbart. Feel free to debate the merits of slander lawsuits for cases involving the speech context of public officials, but what we’re talking about here is Sherrod’s firing.

The question not enough people are asking is that, if the claim that Fox News and Breitbart got Sherrod fired are true, what the hell is the Federal Government doing basing their firings on stories from Fox News and a conservative website?

In any case, Sherrod’s now being compared to Nelson Mandela for the agonizing day and a half she suffered as an abused political prisoner, so I’m guessing she’ll have plenty of job offers — maybe even from Fox News, you never know.

Author: Doug Powers

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