Aww: Clinton Supporters Whining About Not Being Invited to Chelsea’s Wedding

It’s a shame these days that you can’t rely on greedy, backstabbing, malfeasant grifters to reward you for all you did for them in their time of need:

So, just what does it take to score an invitation to the hottest — not to mention most secretive — political wedding of the summer? More than a cross-country ride on a private jet, apparently.

“I’m good enough to borrow a plane from, but not good enough to be invited to the wedding?” complained one Clinton friend, who remembered the times he handed over his jet and his pilot to take Bill Clinton around the country but had not landed a coveted invitation to Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials.

First of all, I don’t personally know any men who would be upset to not be invited to somebody’s wedding — but that’s just me.

There are no real friends in Clinton-level politics. The only thing that matters to people like Bill and Hillary is “what have you done for me lately.” Clearly the answer to that question as it applies to the above whiner is, “not nearly enough.”

This guy shouldn’t fret though… as of right now the guest list is full, but I’m sure at least one or two invitees will go to jail before the wedding, so a slot will probably open up.

Author: Doug Powers

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