Alan Grayson Says Right Wing Wants to Take Him Out Just Like JFK, RFK and Malcolm X

Not long ago, somebody from the Media Research Center tweeted a desire to punch Alan Grayson in the face, and ever since then the lunatic Florida Democrat has been trying to convince everybody that the right-wing has turned him into Salman Rushdie.

Grayson’s office claims to have received a death threat, and on the Ed Schultz Show, Grayson demonstrated a wildly exaggerated view of his own historical significance while trying to insinuate the dangers of the right wing:

…his office received a legitimate death threat, which Grayson compared to some of the most high-profile assassinations in history.

After a very lengthy introduction from MSNBC host Ed Schultz railing against “Brent Bozell’s joke of a website,” Newsbusters, Grayson appeared on the program to talk about what he sees as a growing trend on the right of having its leaders incite violence against political opponents.

“This is the way they are, but despite their best intentions, I’m still alive,” he told Schultz. Grayson accused Sarah Palin of coming down from “Sasquatch, Alaska” and telling Florida Tea Party “zombie minions to take me out, like she was trying to shoot a moose from a helicopter,” saying it was typical of conservative to behave this way. He also compared the seriousness of the death threats to “John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X,” and “John Lennon.”

Just for kicks, let’s check Grayson’s “right wingers are going to take me out just like JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon and Malcolm X” thing.

JFK was killed by a communist; RFK was killed by a Palestinian occultist; Malcolm X was killed by another black Muslim; and John Lennon was killed by a coked-out “Catcher in the Rye” worshipping kook who heard voices in his head — the latter being a quality with which Grayson can almost certainly empathize. Martin Luther King’s assassin, James Earl Ray, was a supporter of Democrat George Wallace. If Alan Grayson was going for a “Tea Party” comparison, it was an epic fail.

Speaking of John Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman is up for parole next month — keep your head on a swivel, Mr. Grayson! He might have converted to “Tea Party” while in the joint.

I wonder if Grayson realizes he was speaking to the host who said “we ought to rip out Dick Cheney’s heart, kick it around and stick it back in him!” Of course he does.

Just for the record, this conservative would **jump on a grenade to save Alan Grayson’s life. Living examples of the kind of politician that are ruining the country are quite necessary.

(**provided it was obvious the grenade still had the pin in it)

Here’s Grayson with Schultz — what would have made this clip complete would have been somebody sneaking up behind Grayson and popping a balloon:

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Author: Doug Powers

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