Democrat California Assemblyman Refuses to Allow His Townhall Meeting to be Taped

Wow, check out this vermin.

Mike Gatto is yet another example of the kind of arrogants politicians who are above the people they work for, except this guy even takes it up a notch.

The thing that’s a little surprising here is that Gatto seems to even have the cops in his pocket. Watch how the police threaten to arrest a reporter for taping at a townhall meeting… at a public library. Gatto probably doesn’t want any cameras around to record the police arresting people for daring to ask a question.

Just look at some of these guys — the “smug weasel” reading is off the chart with Gatto and his staff:

This reminds me of Iowahawk’s “Crisis of Confidence: America’s Government Losing Faith in Out-of-Touch Constituents.”

The line between satire and reality is almost indistinguishable these days. That said, Gatto’s probably got a hell of a career in national Democrat politics ahead of him.

(h/t Freedom’s Lighthouse)

Author: Doug Powers

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