The Latest Anti-Racist ‘Reporter’ to Use Racially Insensitive Language When Talking About President Obama Is…

…CNN’s Rick Sanchez, who referred to Obama as “the cotton picking president.” The good news for Sanchez is that, under his watch, CNN turned in their worst ratings in the 8 p.m. time slot in three years, so not many people heard him say it. Whew!

Probably the funniest part of this clip is Sanchez’s apology, in which it sounds like he’s blaming Obama’s critics for making him so mad that those Tea Party types forced him, against his will, into a racially insensitive slip-up:

Not long ago, Dan Rather remarked that Obama “couldn’t sell watermelons…” Then Julia Reed, a Newsweek editor, said Obama was “out of his cotton picking mind.” Now Sanchez is carrying on the plantation theme while calling out others for being racists.

Rather, Reed and Sanchez are, the last time I checked, not raging right-wingers. Thank God none of them work for racist Fox News, or these kinds of verbal mishaps would be a big deal.

Daily Caller Will Give $1,000 to Charity if Somebody Admits to Dreaming Up the ‘Recovery Summer’ Disaster


Are you a member of the Obama administration who thought up the “Recovery Summer” theme for what turned out to be three months worth of economic death spiral?

If you are, then step forward and help a charity of your choice:

There are still a few more weeks left before fall arrives, and what the Obama administration’s stimubuck snow-job failed to do for our economy, it can still do for one lucky charity. The Daily Caller is offering to donate $1,000 to charity in exchange for a teensy bit of transparency: All we ask is that whichever White House idea wizard suggested that “Recovery Summer” serve as the slogan for what turned out to be a second Summer of Sam, step forward. In exchange for letting the world laugh at your arrogance, for one lucky charity of your choice, we’ll help provide the prosperity your boss couldn’t.

Some are saying it was Joe Biden’s idea, but I don’t believe that. As big a failure as “Recovery Summer” was, it was still too successful to have been a brainchild of Biden.

Racist Teabaggers Unhappy With Health Care Bill Arrested on Terror Charges

As predicted, Glenn Beck’s rally did indeed foment terrorism, and faster than we originally thought it would. Somebody better stop these white people who are unhappy with the health care bill before somebody gets hurt:

Two men taken off a Chicago-to-Amsterdam United Airlines flight in the Netherlands have been charged by Dutch police with “preparation of a terrorist attack,” U.S. law enforcement officials tell ABC News.

U.S. officials said the two appeared to be travelling with what were termed “mock bombs” in their luggage. “This was almost certainly a dry run, a test,” said one senior law enforcement official.
The men were identified as Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi, of Detroit, MI, and Hezem al Murisi, the officials said. A neighbor of al Soofi told ABC News he is from Yemen.
In addition, officials said, al Soofi was found to be carrying $7,000 in cash and a check of his luggage found a cell phone taped to a Pepto-Bismol bottle, three cell phones taped together, several watches taped together, a box cutter and three large knives. Officials said there was no indication of explosives and he and his luggage were cleared for the flight from Birmingham to Chicago O’Hare.

If only people wouldn’t oppose building a mosque near ground zero, understandable backlashes like this could be avoided. Damn those teabaggers.

Update: But of course — Detroit relatives claim it’s all just a misunderstanding.

I don’t know about you, but I also tape my cell phone to a bottle of Pepto Bismol when I travel — it’s just common sense:


Aw Shucks — HuffPo Pulls Writer’s Offer of $100,000 for Glenn Beck Sex Tape

A liberal named Beau Friedlander, a former editor for Air America who occasionally writes for the Huffington Post, wrote and posted an item to that site that was even too nuts for the HuffPo, and it’s been pulled (the comments, however, remain).

However, the cached version still exists in barely readable form.

This was the offer:

It is time to pop the tea baggers’ favorite balloon (so what if it will be replaced by another?), and with that in mind I hereby offer to negotiate a $100,000 payday to the person who will come forward with a sex tape or phone records or anything else that succeeds in removing Glenn Beck from the public eye forever. I am not offering the cash myself, but I will broker the deal and/or raise the money for what you bring to the table. (And it better be good.)

“I’m gonna make ’em an offer I can’t afford” — Not exactly The Godfather, is he?

A liberal who wants to buy something and use somebody else’s money to pay for it? Gee, you never see that. Why did the HuffPo delete an article by a guy who is simply living up to a major plank in the Democrat platform? The above snippet appeared after Friedlander went on a rant about how Mormons hate blacks and women, or something like that.

Even if somebody did have any material on Beck that this guy might want to get the money to buy, does anybody really trust the fundraising skills of somebody who worked for Air America?

Glenn Beck’s Huge Rally? Bush’s Fault

President Obama went to New Orleans yesterday in an effort to make himself look better by reminding Americans of the Bush administration’s “shameful response” to hurricane Katrina. He later sat down with NBC’s Brian Williams for a bizarre interview (at least Brian didn’t bow to Obama this time).

Williams asked Obama about the fact that 20% of Americans believe he’s a Muslim, and Obama responded by going into a diatribe about “birthers” — which of course had nothing to do with the original question.

In any case, Williams also asked Obama about Glenn Beck’s huge rally on Saturday. Obama said he didn’t watch it, but he did say this: “It’s important to remember that right now, the country’s going through a very difficult time as the result of years of neglect…”

In other words, the huge turnout for the Beck rally was… Bush’s fault:

What Liberal Media?

A while back, “journalist” Eric Alterman wrote a book entitled “What Liberal Media?” The book was an attempt to dispel the “myth” that the mainstream media leans left by a wide margin. Alterman was the member of Journolist who referred to Republicans as “f—ing NASCAR retards.”

On the other side, the left had a tizzy when it was learned Fox News/Rupert Murdoch had given $1 million to the Republican Governor’s Association. This prompted the head of the Democratic Governor’s Association to call for Fox News to air a disclaimer every time they did a report on a gubernatorial election.

Hey, I’d agree, provided that ABC, NBC and CBS do the same whenever they air any political story:

Senior executives, on-air personalities, producers, reporters, editors, writers and other self-identifying employees of ABC, CBS and NBC contributed more than $1 million to Democratic candidates and campaign committees in 2008, according to an analysis by The Examiner of data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

The Democratic total of $1,020,816 was given by 1,160 employees of the three major broadcast television networks, with an average contribution of $880.

By contrast, only 193 of the employees contributed to Republican candidates and campaign committees, for a total of $142,863. The average Republican contribution was $744.

Eighty-eight percent of employees (who identified their employer) of the three networks who donated to candidates gave to Democrats.

Just something to keep in mind the next time a Dem drones on endlessly about Fox News bias. And I don’t know why they’d worry about it, because according David Axelrod, Fox News is not a legitimate news organization (you have to donate to Dems at least 70% of the time to be considered “legitimate” and unbiased).

Muslim Preacher Cited for FWA (Fatwa Without Authorization)

Don’t you hate it when some bonehead goes all Al Haig and thinks he’s got more power than he really does and issues a fatwa against you when you know damn good and well he’s not even authorized to do so?

It’s nice to see that they’re finally cracking down on FWA’s in Saudi Arabia:

RIYADH/JEDDAH: The Kingdom’s most senior religious scholar has ordered a preacher to stop giving unauthorized fatwas (religious edicts) after he called for boycotting a supermarket chain that employs women as cashiers.

Youssef Al-Ahmed had urged people not to shop at Panda stores because women there work in jobs that allow for the mingling of the sexes. Al-Ahmed says this is a violation of Islamic law.

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheik’s office confirmed Thursday that Al-Ahmed had been ordered to refrain from issuing fatwas without authorization.

You must be an “approved Saudi scholar” to issue a fatwa.

Read Warner Todd Huston’s account of this story. It comes across as an Islamic version of “Who’s on First?”