Democrat Alvin Greene, who somehow ended up as a South Carolina Senate candidate, went on the Keith Larson Show and did a nice little interpretive dance worthy of a candidate who is down 44 points. Click the pic to see the video. Remember Footloose and Saturday Night Fever? This is nothing like that:

…CNN’s Rick Sanchez, who referred to Obama as “the cotton picking president.” The good news for Sanchez is that, under his watch, CNN turned in their worst ratings in the 8 p.m. time slot in three years, so not many people heard him say it. Whew! Probably the funniest part of this clip is Sanchez’s […]

Are you a member of the Obama administration who thought up the “Recovery Summer” theme for what turned out to be three months worth of economic death spiral? If you are, then step forward and help a charity of your choice: There are still a few more weeks left before fall arrives, and what the […]

As predicted, Glenn Beck’s rally did indeed foment terrorism, and faster than we originally thought it would. Somebody better stop these white people who are unhappy with the health care bill before somebody gets hurt: Two men taken off a Chicago-to-Amsterdam United Airlines flight in the Netherlands have been charged by Dutch police with “preparation […]

Look for the unoin lable:

A liberal named Beau Friedlander, a former editor for Air America who occasionally writes for the Huffington Post, wrote and posted an item to that site that was even too nuts for the HuffPo, and it’s been pulled (the comments, however, remain). However, the cached version still exists in barely readable form. This was the […]

When airspace over the National Mall is restricted, sometimes nature provides a flyover anyway:

President Obama went to New Orleans yesterday in an effort to make himself look better by reminding Americans of the Bush administration’s “shameful response” to hurricane Katrina. He later sat down with NBC’s Brian Williams for a bizarre interview (at least Brian didn’t bow to Obama this time). Williams asked Obama about the fact that […]

A while back, “journalist” Eric Alterman wrote a book entitled “What Liberal Media?” The book was an attempt to dispel the “myth” that the mainstream media leans left by a wide margin. Alterman was the member of Journolist who referred to Republicans as “f—ing NASCAR retards.” On the other side, the left had a tizzy […]

Don’t you hate it when some bonehead goes all Al Haig and thinks he’s got more power than he really does and issues a fatwa against you when you know damn good and well he’s not even authorized to do so? It’s nice to see that they’re finally cracking down on FWA’s in Saudi Arabia: […]

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