Back in the 1980′s, the Senate, including then Senator Al Gore, along with his wife Tipper, went on a family values campaign against lyrics in popular music. Included in the list people people who were called to testify and explain themselves to the Senate was Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.

Now, 25 years have passed and time has managed to uncover the irony of it all:


4 Responses to “Dee Snider vs. the Gores, 25 Years Later”

  1. cdl on August 1st, 2010 10:44 pm

    John Denver?


    Anyway…Dee Snyder is a testament to the power of a hit record. It's amazing that a man can make a living for 20 something years on the record sales of one, or two hit songs.

    Ain't America great! You can't do that in Cuba.

  2. Jeremie on August 2nd, 2010 12:23 pm

    Easy there CDL, the Price was a pretty damn good song too. So that makes 2-3 songs…

  3. chris on August 16th, 2013 4:03 am

    I hated gore sice the 80s just for this fact alone.

  4. bestessay on August 8th, 2017 7:51 am

    I have already seen this episode which I have enjoyed the most and it sure is the most hilarious one. .Dee Snyder is really having the sense of using the wording to entertain.

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