“The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”Michelle Obama

Even CBS News is noticing who’s hoarding the pie:

From the above story on Michelle Antoinette Obama’s trip to Spain:

It’s not unusual for a first lady to take a private trip abroad, and nobody expects her to stay in a cheap hotel, but with the U.S. economy in such dire straits critics argue the trip is simply in poor taste.

The reporter says nothing in the story to refute this opinion, but she could have at least pointed out that the First Lady’s visit to Spain magically cured that nation of racism virtually overnight.

Read all about the media backlash in the upcoming book, “Obama Water Carriers Shrugged.”

Remember this?

All Americans will have to sacrifice to put the economy back on track, Obama said.

“Everybody’s going to have to give,” Obama said. “Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.”

If this administration is to bring back its approval numbers, they’ll need two things: A miracle and an amnesia pandemic.

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7 Responses to “‘When You’ve Lost CBS News…’”

  1. tmd1993 on August 6th, 2010 1:20 pm

    If this administration is to bring back its approval numbers, they’ll need two things: A miracle and an amnesia pandemic.

    not really. people put Bush back in office and he was the biggest fuck up america has seen in our history.

  2. Doug on August 6th, 2010 2:56 pm

    That was in order to bring his approval numbers back… I said nothing about being re-elected.

  3. Joyanna Adams on August 6th, 2010 2:57 pm

    I think we just need to get a Air Force One for all Presidential dogs…get rid of the Presidency all together, and just put a dog mascot stand in as a symbol for our Congress. A dog, would be much more worthy of our sacrifice, and would not require the expensive upkeep and fancy vacation.

    Just give him a nice steak bone, and save ourselves billions.

  4. Doug on August 6th, 2010 3:09 pm


  5. Rick on August 6th, 2010 3:33 pm

    The Marxist State Media will ultimately protect the Obamas’ pie to the end.Let’s hope it’s near.

    All Bush had to do was defeat Kerry,a screwup-on-steroids.

    All Obama had to do was beat Hillary.McCain was a mere pitstop to power.

    The Parties limit our choice,thus limit our liberty.

  6. Joe Redfield on August 6th, 2010 4:52 pm

    Maybe we could apply the First Woman's expenses toward paying off our slavery reparations debts?

  7. JOJO on August 7th, 2010 4:10 pm

    SUCKA FREE BY 20313!!!!

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