Glenn Beck’s Huge Rally? Bush’s Fault

President Obama went to New Orleans yesterday in an effort to make himself look better by reminding Americans of the Bush administration’s “shameful response” to hurricane Katrina. He later sat down with NBC’s Brian Williams for a bizarre interview (at least Brian didn’t bow to Obama this time).

Williams asked Obama about the fact that 20% of Americans believe he’s a Muslim, and Obama responded by going into a diatribe about “birthers” — which of course had nothing to do with the original question.

In any case, Williams also asked Obama about Glenn Beck’s huge rally on Saturday. Obama said he didn’t watch it, but he did say this: “It’s important to remember that right now, the country’s going through a very difficult time as the result of years of neglect…”

In other words, the huge turnout for the Beck rally was… Bush’s fault:

Author: Doug Powers

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