There’s been lots of talk about religious freedom lately, and Sweden is the latest to have a controversy. This is proof-positive that Swedish courts don’t know jack: Sweden’s highest court has refused to hear a last-ditch plea by the Madonna of the Orgasm church to be recognized. The church, in Lövestad in southern Sweden, has […]

All presidents get to use Air Force One, but you can tell a lot about a man by the mode of transportation he chooses to get around when he’s not on Air Force One. Here’s President Reagan with his ride: Here’s George HW Bush getting around: Here’s George W. Bush walking away from his ride: […]

Beck and Limbaugh really need to tone down their hateful rhetoric before somebody gets hurt: SALISBURY, Md. — A gunshot shattered a glass door Wednesday at a Salisbury office of the Maryland Republican Party, according to a party statement. The party published the statement on its website, indicating that a single gunshot shattered the front […]

New York Mayor Bloomberg said this on The Daily Show concerning the ground zero area mosque: “The difference is we’re in an election season. And this whole issue, I think, will go away right after the next election. This is plain and simple people trying to stir up things to get publicity and trying to […]

They even included Greg Gutfeld’s gay bar next door — these folks don’t miss a beat:

Yesterday, a Muslim cab driver was brutally attacked and stabbed in New York City — apparently just because he’s a Muslim. As Michelle Malkin noted, the left-wing media couldn’t wait to indict the “anti-mosque” right. And you know what? Forget about all the facts not being in about the attacker. Let’s take the claim at […]

A horse race announcer tries to call a close race between two horses, one called “My wife knows everything” and the other called “My wife doesn’t know.” I presume the horses are owned by Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods respectively:

Socialized medicine, coming soon to a hospital near you: Mother-of-two Elin Andersson has highlighted staffing shortage problems at a maternity ward in Sundsvall in northern Sweden after she was asked to clean out her own hospital room just two days after giving birth by caesarean section. Every time Andersson required medicine she had to call […]

Not only would Letterman not have told this joke a year ago, but the audience would have been afraid to laugh at it. How times have changed: (h/t HAP)

Click the pic to go to an interactive map of terrorist activities in the US that have been traced to mosques and/or Islamic centers: Mayor Bloomberg says it’s the right of Muslims to build a house of worship on private property, and he also said he doesn’t care from where the funding is coming to […]

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