Hope & Change on the Midway: What Was This Carnival Owner Thinking?

I guess when all you eat for months on end is elephant ears and nitrate-sicles it could cloud your judgement:

In Roseto, Pa., a carnival company closed down a shooter game called “Alien Attack,” after complaints and news stories that President Obama was one of the targets.

The black “alien leader” is holding a scroll titled “Health Bill” and wearing a presidential seal belt buckle. He also has antennae and a troll doll with a KISS T-shirt on his shoulder.

The owner of the carnival company, Goodtime Amusements, dismissed a complaint, saying the figure is not meant to be Obama.

After drawing more attention from the press, however, Good shut down the game and apologized.
A spokesman for the Secret Service says they’ve spoken with Good and that they’ll take “whatever action is appropriate.”


At first it didn’t occur to me that it was supposed to be Obama, because there’s not a teleprompter, golf club, dingbat from The View, a visibly aroused Chris Matthews or Oprah anywhere in the scene.

Buy a Government Motors Car, Help Feed the Congressional Black Caucus

The Obama administration isn’t peddling GM cars like peanut vendors at the ballpark just because they want to help get the economy back on its feet — there are Democrats to feed:

When General Motors went through bankruptcy last year, it suspended its political donations. Now that it’s owned by the U.S. government, it’s donating to lawmakers’ pet projects again.

The carmaker gave $41,000 to groups associated with lawmakers, the vast majority of it — $36,000 — to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, the company reported on a disclosure form last week. The CBC Foundation is a charity with 11 members of the Congressional Black Caucus on its board.

That’s the same Congressional Black Caucus Foundation that spends more on their own food than on scholarships for kids.

Buy a GM car, stuff the face of a fat cat Dem.

Federal Judge Strikes Down California Gay Marriage Ban, CNN Seeks the Diversity of Reaction That Only a Gay Bar Can Offer

During the Rick Sanchez Comedy Hour today, a roving CNN reporter was seeking opinions about a federal judge overturning California’s gay marriage ban, so he went to a gay bar in West Hollywood.

Gosh, I wonder what they thought about it? CNN was really pushing the envelope on this one.

The reporter seemed completely befuddled when Sanchez asked, “where are the 52% who voted for the gay marriage ban?” As near as the reporter could figure, they’re “somewhere in Orange County.” Too far for CNN to drive, apparently.

Imagine the ridicule a Fox News host would be taking if he or she reported on the same story but only sought public opinion at a Focus on the Family meeting:

(h/t Dittos Rush)

Andy Griffith Shills for Obamacare in Mayberry

You may have read that the White House brought Andy Griffith on board to be the advertising face of Obamacare, and taxpayers are getting stuck with airing about $700,000 worth of ads that are supposed to convince taxpayers they want what they’ve repeatedly said they don’t want — and they’re going to keep spending our money convincing us until we’re convinced it’s not a waste of money.

It turns out there was a little debate in Mayberry about Griffith’s ad. Here’s how it went:

Convenient Timing: US Rescinds Spain Travel Warning for African-Americans as Michelle Obama Lands There


“For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of Spain!”

The Obama administration faced an embarrassing diplomatic blunder today after it was forced to pull a warning about racism in Spain – just as the First Lady arrived in the country for a summer holiday.

Staff at the U.S. State Department removed the contentious advice to travellers, which included the phrase ‘racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain,’ from its website on Monday.

The travel warning should have remained in place, with this disclaimer: **Travelling to Spain is perfectly safe for African-Americans, provided they have a large security detail and can afford to stay at five-star resorts.

Gone Camping

We’re headed off to Lake Michigan for a couple of days. I should be back on at some point Wednesday or so. Hopefully nothing earth-shattering happens before then that I want to post about, but it probably will — that’s how it usually works.

Have a good week all!

Dee Snider vs. the Gores, 25 Years Later

Back in the 1980’s, the Senate, including then Senator Al Gore, along with his wife Tipper, went on a family values campaign against lyrics in popular music. Included in the list people people who were called to testify and explain themselves to the Senate was Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.

Now, 25 years have passed and time has managed to uncover the irony of it all:

Political Correctness at the Navy? All Four ‘Sailor of the Year’ Winners are Women

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 15% of those serving in the Navy are women, but this year, for the first time ever, all four “Sailor of the Year” winners were women. What a coincidence:


What’s the big deal? Let’s consider a career field that might have a relatively comparable male/female ratio, such as nursing. Let’s just assume for a momeny that only 15% of all nurses in the country were men (the real number is more like 8-10%), but, in spite of the fact that 85% of RN’s are female, all four “Nurse of the Year” winners were men. Nobody would ever convince me that a few of the women wouldn’t be grumbling rather loudly. The National Organization for Women would be organizing a protest as soon as the winners were announced.

Van Helsing at Moonbattery put it this way:

Political correctness has gone beyond turning awards into farces. They’ve become badges of condescension and shame. Since the actual accomplishments of these women are irrelevant, they will never be meaningfully acknowledged.

Sadly, I’m forced to agree.

Alvin Greene’s First Campaign Ad Against Jim DeMint Doesn’t Disappoint

South Carolina somehow-Senate candidate Alvin Greene has finally broken his media silence as far as advertisements go.

Greene’s down by at least 30 points to Jim DeMint in S. Carolina, so Alvin had to ask himself, “In my first ad, should I call DeMint evil, un-American or a bigot?”

Greene comprimised and went with the three all at the same time — he’s on a tight budget, you know:


If this ad is the “official” version, Greene’s biggest foe isn’t Jim DeMint, but rather McCain/Feingold laws. Al could be about to get a call in his parents basement informing him that if he doesn’t put an “I approve this message” thing in there he’s in violation of the “stand by your ad” provision:

(h/t HAP)