Labor/Liberal Groups to Hold ‘We’ll Show Glenn Beck’ Rally at Nat’l Mall Next Month ::Crickets::

Ed Schultz hilariously, and, even sadder, seriously, claimed that he could draw a crowd as large as Glenn Beck.

Good news, Ed — you’ll have your chance — because labor groups and others are planning their own rally at the Mall:

Labor leaders, liberal religious leaders and the NAACP will hold a rally on the National Mall on October 2, one month before the fall midterm elections, in an attempt to show they too have political clout and momentum in response to last Saturday’s massive gathering of Tea Party types led by Fox News host Glenn Beck.

“The AFL-CIO is determined that the Tea Party and its corporate backers are not going to get the final word,” said AFL-CIO executive vice president Arlene Holt Baker. “We will expect tens of thousands of union families to come.”

This should be fun. But at least CBS will finally feel the need to over-inflate a crowd estimate.

I’m reminded of stories from the late 60’s rock scene, when a band called Vanilla Fudge had Led Zeppelin as their opening act. That turned out to be a bad idea, because the opener quickly turned out to be more popular than the headliner. As an inevitable result, the headliner ended up looking foolish for following an act that couldn’t be followed.

With that in mind, here’s the insanely jealous Ed Schultz claiming he can (and will) draw the same crowd as Beck. Vanilla Fudge is still insisting on following Led Zeppelin. Some lessons are never learned:

Author: Doug Powers

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