Obama Administration Unveils New Strategy to Lower Unemployment Rate: ‘Get a Job, Loser!’

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis had an op-ed in the USA Today on Monday in which she announced yet another new government website — this one designed to help people find work in various career fields, the most vibrant of those career fields being “Government Website Designer.”

We seem to be reaching a point where even desperate welfare-state creators are throwing up their hands and telling people, “get a job!”

In other words, what’s next … is up to you.

There are jobs out there. And, this Labor Day — and every day — I’m going to continue helping people find them and employers fill them. If you’re ready to embrace a 21st century career, I want you to know your Department of Labor is here to help you. And, if you’re an employer looking to fill positions, we’ve got a list of great candidates for you.

Do you think Team Obama will realize that they’re telling everybody to “grab a life vest” after the Democrats have vaporized the life vest factory?

I agree with Ed Morrissey — a message of self sufficiency would be a welcome change, provided it was coming from an administration that A) is backing off long-term to create a climate that allows the private sector to create real jobs, and B) understands how in the hell private sector jobs are created and sustained in the first place. Obama’s people refuse to consider “A” and are incapable of “B”.

Author: Doug Powers

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