Eric Holder’s Mixed Message

Attorney General Eric Holder took an hour off from filing lawsuits against Arizona to speak out on the attention-whore “pastor” who’s planning a “Burn the Koran Day.”

From the New York Daily News:

The protest orchestrated by a fire-and-brimstone Florida pastor was called “idiotic and dangerous” by the U.S. Attorney General on Tuesday, according to reports.

It’s the latest in a slew of criticisms and warnings delivered to Rev. Terry Jones, who has said for months that he aims to ignite copies of the Muslim holy book to commemorate September 11 in an event he calls, “International Burn-a-Koran Day.”

Eric Holder’s blunt remark was reportedly made during a meeting closed to reporters, but a Justice Department official confirmed the barb to MSNBC.

I’ll agree with Holder that it’s idiotic, but will some enterprising reporter please ask him why it would be “dangerous” — to our troops or otherwise — when Holder himself has refused to even admit that there is an element of Islam that is radical? Now we’re expected to be careful not to enrage a group of people who the Obama administration has spent the better part of two years telling us are as peaceful as monks in a poppy field? (I’m assuming the backlash from burning a Koran wouldn’t come from Baptists and Jews)

In one breath Holder, Hillary and the rest spend a good deal of time trying to convince everyone that the number of Muslims who are terrorist threats are minimal, isolated, and they say we shouldn’t paint an entire religion with the same brush. Then in the next breath it sounds like they’re warning everyone that Muslims are going to start murdering infidels en masse if this one moron burns a Koran. That seems a little contradictory — it’s also a generalization that should insult more Muslims than it seems to.

Here’s one of Holder’s greatest hits — does this sound like someone who believes there’s a dangerous element to Islam? What gives?

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Author: Doug Powers

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