It’s nine years to the day since 9/11. Colin Powell is saying that the Ground Zero mosque should go forward, using the old “if we _____ the terrorists win” cliche. If Powell had said that on 9/12/01, when the overwhelming popular sentiment would have been “if we let them build it, the terrorists have won,” he might have been run out of the military. How times change.

But that’s all debatable — what’s not debatable is that if we need proof that the terrorists have won, all we need to do is go to Ground Zero and look at a hole in the ground that has, for the most part, remained a hole in the ground for nine years.

Within days of 9/11, there was already a proposed design for re-building the Trade Centers. Remember this?


That’s an American response — or at least what it would have been in decades gone by. If something remotely along these lines had been constructed, I don’t think that somebody wanting to put a tiny little mosque nearby would be nearly as big a deal as it is. Sometimes I think that the reason we’re so offended by somebody who wants to build a mosque (I’m sorry, “Islamic rec center”) near ground zero has less to do with a mosque and more to do with our own unwillingness to answer back in the best way possible, which would be to put those buildings back up — bigger and better than ever. “Mosque? What mosque? Oh, that little thing way down there?”

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CNN’s coverage of the morning of 9/11/01 is here. A full network TV archive of that day is here.

Via Cubachi, President Bush’s “bullhorn speech” at Ground Zero:

By way of Jumping in Pools, President Bush’s address to Congress just days after 9/11.

On 9/11, Congress broke into a spontaneous version of “God Bless America”:

Wow, where did those people go? Try that now and they’d get sued by the ACLU.

In the years following 9/11, unity and common purpose have given way to politics and a dangerously naive level of political correctness. Fortunately, however, most Americans do remember — and our troops are still making tremendous sacrifices on our behalf.

Everybody knows what happened on 9/11, but only those who are willing to admit why will play a positive role in ensuring that it never happens again.

Author: Doug Powers

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