Gee, Bob Schieffer Really Cares About John Boehner’s Health

Is there anything worse than somebody who used to do something “unhealthy” but because they quit doing it they feel it gives them the right to get all self-righteous about it?

Schieffer suggested that he [Boehner] approach President Barack Obama about quitting together, to which Boehner replied curtly, “Bob, I appreciate your suggestion.”

Boehner should have replied, “Bob, I’d rather help the president quit taking over health care, help him quit union bailouts under the guise of “stimulus” and help him quit supporting partial birth abortion first — then I’ll tackle his smoking.”

Okay, with that out of the way, here’s ex-smoker Bob Shieffer pressing Rep. Boehner about his smoking habit and accepting money from the tobacco lobby that Bob Schieffer used to unwittingly finance:

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Author: Doug Powers

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